Napkin slinger, dream chaser.

Owner, artist, and designer Lillie has one goal: to create unique napkin designs for like-minded home-lovers who cherish their abodes and the memories it creates.

We are the new generation of hosts; a generation living a new culture where both partners work, the price of living is high, we communicate through chat boxes, yet we value art, quality, and lifestyle.

Let’s counteract today’s norm with one simple product meant to enrich your life. Express yourself, bring back the old-school dinner party and face-to-face conversation, support small business and local art, all while being able to wash and use over and over again… and without that high price tag.

ORIGINAL DESIGN: Every design starts with a paintbrush on paper. Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint that finishes off matte and velvety, and is perfect for small-scale illustrations. Lillie paints all her designs in gouache by hand before scanning it and turning it into a digital image for production.

HANDMADE: We all like to imagine that our purchases are made by hand in an artisan workshop. What if I told you that Concept Fourteen napkins really were? Lillie built a napkin studio in her basement, and through the technology of sublimation printing, Lillie prints every single napkin by hand, one-by-one. Every napkin is unique and one of a kind while maintaining the highest quality control and being touched by the artist.

SUSTAINABILITY: Lessen your carbon footprint and ditch the paper napkins. Cloth napkins can be reused and machine washed hundreds of times. Made of 100% polyester, the napkins themselves already have a naturally smaller carbon footprint by nature of the material, and printed with sublimation technology, all designs and colors are permanently embedded inside the fibers of the fabric- not on top. That means no fading and a long and healthy product life.

WALLET FRIENDLY: Everyone loves the idea of choosing handmade products and supporting small businesses and artists. Unfortunately, that usually comes at a cost. We will be honest- when Concept Fourteen was first launched, we were part of that unattainably-high-price-tag-club. We were out of reach for many interested consumers and we knew that had to change. So what did we do? We changed everything! Production has moved in-house, materials and printing methods have been fine-tuned, and we’ve cut costs on packaging. The result? Same amazing handmade product, new lower price point. How low? How about over 50% lower.


What Does “Concept Fourteen” Stand For?

The “concept” is the idea that anything is possible, and the “fourteen” is a reference to personal and unique identity based o of the creator’s last name and paternal artistic signature.

Is Concept Fourteen sustainable?

We’ve got a low carbon footprint from beginning to end, and have created a product meant to last hundreds of uses. Ditch the wasteful paper napkins and paper towels and start using cloth napkins that will last for hundreds of meals.

How are designs created?

All designs are hand-painted by Lillie on a small scale in gouache paints, and then scanned into the computer and transitioned into digital format for application to textile design.

How are products manufactured?

All textile products are hand-printed in Lillie’s home studio.

Concept Fourteen avoids tags and labels when possible, printing logos directly on to products, in order to lessen our environmental footstep and maintain a handmade aesthetic.

Secondary packaging is also handmade in Lillie’s home studio and is also sustainable.