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In 2018, Concept Fourteen began with a passionate idea of delivering artfully designed, carefully curated, handmade, luxury home textiles to like-minded customers who appreciate a bit of a progressive edge. It’s amazing what can happen when you are fiercely dedicated to your dream, and in only 9 months, Concept Fourteen is ready to launch its first limited edition line. The company’s mission is simple; only to keep coming up with unique, kick-ass designs to bring joy and a powerful aesthetic to the homes and lives of its customers.

Concept Fourteen is the design-child of an artist who comes from a lineage of hard-working, entrepreneurial woman. The brand is her response to the maternal power, confidence, and dedication she grew up around, and now engraved deep into her character.


The brand is currently a one-woman show, with creator, Lillie Fortino, managing design, production, media, customer service, and accounting.

The brand’s tag line is “Let’s Get Hygge With It,” and their sole drive is to create products that no only uplift their client’s homes, but their lives.


Lillie Fortino is a 30-something life-long artist with an entrepreneurial spirit that started professionally as a photographer, evolved into an educator, and followed her own passions to become a designer. Currently, she works from her small home studio where she hand-paints her original designs at her drafting table, and then translates them into digital files for production at her computer station.

Lillie is a classically trained artist with a BFA from the University of Connecticut, Lillie has exhibited both her photographic art and gouache paintings in several east coast exhibitions


Every design is original and hand-painted. After a idea comes to mind, many, many versions are created until the “ah-ha!” moment occurs and we know it’s perfect. The original painting is then transitioned into a digital file where it becomes a manipulative pattern and is employed into the creation of various home textiles designs and accessories; table napkins, beach towels, personal stationery, and fine art prints.

All our fabrics are then custom printed in London, England, using the most eco-friendly, water-based, printing process possible. All inks are non-toxic and fabrics are sourced from eco-approved production chains.

When the company says “handmade,” they mean handmade. Fabrics are hand cut and sewn individually into textile products with the highest quality control.


What Does “Concept Fourteen” Stand For?

The “concept” is the idea that anything is possible, and the “fourteen” is a reference to personal and unique identity based o of the creator’s last name and paternal artistic signature.

Is Concept Fourteen eco-friendly?

Concept Fourteen takes pride in sourcing materials and producing products that are as
eco-friendly as possible. Fabrics are custom printed with non-toxic water-based inks in small batches.

How are designs created?

All designs are hand-painted by Lillie on a small scale in gouache paints, and then scanned into the computer and transitioned into digital format for application to textile design.

How are products manufactured?

All textile product are hand sewn in California.

Concept Fourteen avoids tags and labels when possible, printing logos directly on to products, in order to lessen our environmental footstep and maintain a handmade aesthetic.

The majority of secondary packaging is produced at local, independently owned, print shops.

Fine Art prints are all gicleé prints, printed in the USA on high-end, archival, cotton watercolor paper.

How does Concept Fourteen achieve it’s high-quality handmade aesthetic?

All fabrics chosen for products go through a rigorous testing process in order to guarantee the highest quality in fabric printing, durability, feel and texture, and maintenance. Trims go through the same process presenting clients with complete products that are meant for a long lifetime.