Hands Down Napkin Set

Hands Down Napkin Set


Peace and good luck, my friends. We may not all speak the same language, but we can all communicate with the contemporary and playful multicolored design.

All napkins come in a set of 4 and feature a tag-less design.

Napkins are 20” x 20” and, when folded properly, display at 4” x 10”. Did you know a standard dinner plate has a 10” radius? Well, we did, and we designed for that. When folded our napkins are perfectly balanced proportionally for a more attractive place setting. Who knew?

Napkins are 100% polyester resulting in a product that’s easily machine-washable, wrinkle resistant, and long lasting. Plus, our printing technique embeds color and ink inside the fibers of the material, not on top. This means your napkins won’t fade, and will last for hundreds of dinner parties (and many, many, rides through your washing machine).

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